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June 3, 2011
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Super Cup by Synthetic-Animal Super Cup by Synthetic-Animal
Oh this took so long to do. So, so, so long ;_;

I'm not even sure where to begin with this, but I included all of this:

The big ghost monster in the center because I love video games and ghost stories, and i thought it was a 'cute' monster to capture both those ideas. Speaking of ideas, the light bulb over its head is supposed to represent one.

I included the octopus and ocean because of my marine biology class, which is by far my favorite class. I was originally going to draw a whale, but it looked a little crowded. And the octopus is holding the umbrella because I thought it would be a little funny, and it made the whole octopus look a little more cheery.

The trees and butterflies were added for my love of nature and I like being outside. I know that the one tree is coming out of the water, and I have that because I wanted the trunk to mimic a pier without actually drawing out the whole thing as to avoid over crowding, and that is why the other tree stops at the music notes.

I included two birds, dogs, a hamster, a duck (which is hiding towards the bottom), owl, and elephant because I love animals. The birds and duck represent the two orphaned sparrows and mallard ducklings I rehabilitated (I'm a wildlife rehabilitator). I've had a lot of other animals aside from birds, but they're my favorite. The dogs and hamster are based on my pets. Also, the elephant I included because my great grandma had given me a stuffed elephant when I was about five, which I adored and took practically everywhere with me. Although it wasn't red, I colored it that because it reminded me of red velvet cupcakes, seeing as how it has one on its back.

The guitar neck, coffee cup, hot air balloon, etc are just things that I like. The little guy in the balloon is modeled after my boyfriend.

I chose the background colors to give the impression of a warm summer night, which I absolutely love. I also have the little polka-dots overlaying everything because it reminded me a bit of comics, and helped give the colors more range and look less boring.

There's a lot of vector looking circles, I wanted to include them to give the whole thing a cleaner look, and while I rarely do any vector art, I do like how it looks.

And in case anyone is wondering, the little fluff explosion type thing in the sky, it was supposed to be fireworks, but I opted out of including the exploding lines in the rest because it started to look a little stupid.

tl;dr there's a lot of stuff happening. Puffy things in the sky are fireworks.
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ColorfulSprinkles319 Jun 25, 2011   Writer
I really love this! Such awesome colors, and I do love the monster. The only thing is I wish there would've been a background, but hey this is still pretty awesome...
InYuJi Jun 24, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
goodness, is everything made of vectors shapes here? I love the simplicity and how everything pops
fuck yes! favorite one right here!!!!
Love it! good luck :love:
BarryMe Jun 4, 2011
It's beautiful and cute. Good luck.
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